Deserted Beach

Road to Shanti

The way to your inner peace

through Ayurveda

I help people aligning their lifestyle with their true nature and guide them through the path of self-discovery using tools like Ayurveda, personal development and astrology.

Are you ready to travel with me?

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The program
Body, Mind & Soul

A 4-month journey with me where I guide you to find your true nature, walking in the path of Ayurveda



Moments spent together to learn about Ayurveda and Kerala cooking style, or even massages !



Indulge in a warm oil massage surrounded by nature and let yourself surrender to the exotic smells of India

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About me

My name is Julie and I believe health prevention and knowing oneself are the keys to a long and meaningful life. I strongly feel that if we knew ourselves well, both on a physical and spiritual level, the world would be a much better place. 

What do I offer?

An individual program to help you find and align with your true nature, fun workshops and massages.

What are my tools?

I'm a certified Health Coach and life put Ayurveda on my path, along with personal development methods and astrology. 

Do I work alone?

Not exactly: my husband is a malayali chef and massage therapist. He leads the cooking workshops as well as give massages.

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