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Who am I? Who are we?

How did I get there? It's a long story. But I'll make it short. 

I initially studied translation, interpreting and international relations, with a major in Chinese (Mandarin). My love for languages made me travel a lot around the world, however I ended up working for 2 years in a sports and lifestyle company in Germany, Freeletics. I was really passionate about the product and this experience eventually led me to have a closer look at the health and fitness industry. This is why I later enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Health Coach! With a strong interest for Ayurveda, I also started teaching myself more about this science of life to incorporate it into my health coaching practice. 

However during all this time, I developed a strong interest for India: its culture, its music, its people, its colours. While my love for this country grew, I enrolled for bhangra classes, attended every cultural event I could, and even started learning Hindi. Until I finally did my first trip to this amazing country, way later, in February 2017

I had to go again. Two weeks were clearly not enough to visit such a big country. I quit my job and went travelling in January 2018, determined to explore what India had to show me. At the end of this trip from North to South India, I ended up in Varkala, Kerala and that's when my life changed for the best! 

Indeed, I fell in love with the place and also I confess, fell in love, period. ;)

As I am now getting more and more familiar with the Keralan culture and its language, Malayalam, I really feel like making everyone else discover this beautiful side of India - which by the way is COMPLETELY different from what many of you have in mind when thinking about India - and that's why I had started organising those trips to this unique region: Kerala.

We had to stop due to the pandemic but I seized the opportunity to get an even deeper training in Ayurveda : first on site, with Kerala ayurvedic doctors, and currently in France with the school Ayurveda Source lead by Alex Duncan.